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Tournament Comes to San Patricio FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

In addition, 18 new green cards Irish players available on envelopes.

EA Sports has announced another year, the Tournament of San Patricio (national holiday in the Republic of Ireland) in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. This tournament will be available from today until March 18, and only able to play with a team of 18 Irish players. As a reward for winning the tournament players online will get 20,000 coins and 10,000 in offline mode, plus a green card transferable Robbie Keane in both modes.

Following the Irish players have increased their value in the market these days, it is good time to sell players that nationality you have in your equipment. The company has also launched in envelopes and limited fashion, green cards featured 18 Irish players, but they do not improve the statistics of these players and only add an aesthetic change.