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FIFA 15 learn all kinds of game completion

FIFA 15 is the latest version of the award-winning football simulation EA Sports. With beautiful graphics and gameplay set and a variety of leagues and teams, the game is among the favorites of sports fans. Grieving to score goals in their matches? Check out a guide with all kinds of game completion.

Manual Chute

The most basic of shooting, manual kick is also one of the most efficient and versatile game. To use the tailpiece, just press the shot button (B / Ball) and point the left stick to the side where you want to kick.

To increase the use of kicks, observe the movement of the goalkeeper and defenders, always trying to aim the ball at a free corner. The longer you hold the shot button, the stronger the finish, so be careful.

Kick creeping

Extremely useful, this type of finish is perfect for situations face to face with the goalkeeper, since he will rarely react in time. To use the low shot, quickly press twice the kick button.

As in manual shooting, you can also direct the shot, further complicating the lives of archers. A good tip is to position the goalkeeper diagonal, where you will find more open spaces.