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FIFA 15 check the list bringing the worst players in the game

FIFA 15 has virtual versions faithful of all the stars of world football, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar. In addition to the star players, the game also has room for the athletes not as technically privileged, including alloys access various countries. In order to test your skill? Check out the list of the worst players in the game.

# 1 - Paul Tisdale (Exeter City)

Position of the owner less prestigious game, the player Malta already retired, but he could not escape the last humiliation of his career - the position of worst player in the Fifa 15. The post is not for less, since their attributes are terrible, both for attack and for defense.

# 2 - Piotr Zemlo (Wisla Krakow)

How tragic coincidence, the young Pole has a name that sounds almost like "worse", living up to its degrading position in FIFA 15. Even acting as wing, the player is extremely slow, not to mention the passes, launches and poor quality submissions .

# 3 - Marcus Maier (Admira Wacker Mödling)

Do not be alarmed, despite the name, Maier is not Brazilian. At just 20, the Austrian half can still (and should) improve a lot, but certainly not among one of the biggest promises of local football.

# 4 - Al Ruwaili (Al Orobah)

The Arab wheel already has 30 years, but the figure nasty list of the worst of the game. With chronic difficulties in virtually all attributes, its best number is a modest 76 in "Balance".

# 5 - Jonas Hebo Rasmussen (Nordsjaelland)

Another half 20 years, the Danish Rasmussen is so bad, that his letter ended being valued, perhaps as a joke among players Ultimate Team mode.

# 6 - Khalid Nasser (Al-Shabab)

One of a number of Arab list, midfielder Khalid Nasser Al-Shabab is another one of those players without any attractive. The athlete is ugly in the attributes of short passes, finishing, speed and even physical strength.

# 7 - O'Hanlon (Wolverhampton)

Who imagined only see athletes from less traditional countries in the list was wrong. The young O'Hanlon, of only 19, appears as the worst defender of the game, with the shameful level 45.

# 8 - Dykes (Sligo Rovers)

Sole representative of Ireland in the list, the Dykes zagueirão should not be among the crowd favorites Sligo Rovers. Its strong point are the heels, with nothing impressive 61 points.

# 9 - Majed Mansour (Hajer)

What can be worse than a side who can not score? A side that can not run. Mansour brought together two of the most serious technical deficiencies of an advocate acting as a side, and won a place among the worst in the game.

# 10- Al Salem (Al-Khaleej)

To close the list with a total Arabs, the steering wheel Al Salem, Al-Khaleej, takes the place of the tenth worst player of FIFA 15. With only 23 years, the player suffers from very basic attributes such as stamina (29) and viewing game (35).