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Ceren in the FIFA 2015

The midfielder is the only Salvadoran included in the latest update "on-line" of this game.

The Salvadoran Darwin Ceren, who plays for Orlando City, the youngest of the Major League Soccer (MLS), is one of the novelties in the FIFA 2015 video game, becoming the only Cuscatleco on that platform.
Ceren, playing his second season with the home squad Florida and MLS debut last Friday with a victory over the Houston Dynamo (0-1) appeared after the last update of the game in the middle of this month.
Both the Orlando City and the New York City were incorporated into the list of teams in the American League as part of the expansion franchise joined the major league of "soccer" in the United States.
Now, both the Orlando and New York and all players are eligible militate them online or offline for those competing through cyberspace.
Ceren, as well as in real life, carrying the dorsal '17' and is within holders Lions.
According to the qualities which are broken down to "click" on it, took the demarcation of MCD, ie defensive midfielder (midfielder).
As for scoring, the average of 60 in a game where the maximum is 100. For comparison with the franchise, Kaka, playing on the same team, is 21 points down (The Brazilian has 81).
Aggressiveness (71), balance (86) and physical energy (71), are the main attributes of Cuscatleco player. They also highlight its speed and ball control. The Web site also features an extensive list of all the Salvadoran skills center for those who wish to be immediately aware of what Ceren offers in cibercampo game.
Meanwhile, the website, video game creator, expands in every sense experience featuring "gamer" the FIFA 15.
The game bring 600 new emotional reactions in which players respond to important moments on the pitch, like a bad entry, failing an opportunity or mark a historic goal, as happens in real life.
"Facial expressions and body language permitarán you experience the attitudes and emotions of your favorite players," reads the site EASports.
The game was released on September 25, 2014 and "on-line" is priced at $ 40 in the PC version.