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FIFA 15 the best goals of the week on PS4 and Xbox One

Pending the announcement of FIFA 16, FIFA 15 continues to dominate on PS4, Xbox One, PC and consoles older generation. To demonstrate the love of the fans, EA Sports has released a video with the best goal of the week.
Does not stop the great success of FIFA 15. Despite competition will be presented on the market rather fierce, with PES 2015 really well done and can make us forget the ugliness of the previous releases, the football simulation from Electronic Arts continues to dominate sales cha……


FIFA 15 learn all kinds of game completion

FIFA 15 is the latest version of the award-winning football simulation EA Sports. With beautiful graphics and gameplay set and a variety of leagues and teams, the game is among the favorites of sports fans. Grieving to score goals in their matches? Check out a guide with all kinds of game completion.
Manual Chute
The most basic of shooting, manual kick is also one of the most efficient and versatile game. To use the tailpiece, just press the shot button (B / Ball) and point the left stick to t……


FIFA 15 check the list bringing the worst players in the game

FIFA 15 has virtual versions faithful of all the stars of world football, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar. In addition to the star players, the game also has room for the athletes not as technically privileged, including alloys access various countries. In order to test your skill? Check out the list of the worst players in the game.
# 1 - Paul Tisdale (Exeter City)
Position of the owner less prestigious game, the player Malta already retired, but he could not escape the last humil……


Ceren in the FIFA 2015

The midfielder is the only Salvadoran included in the latest update "on-line" of this game.
The Salvadoran Darwin Ceren, who plays for Orlando City, the youngest of the Major League Soccer (MLS), is one of the novelties in the FIFA 2015 video game, becoming the only Cuscatleco on that platform.
Ceren, playing his second season with the home squad Florida and MLS debut last Friday with a victory over the Houston Dynamo (0-1) appeared after the last update of the game in the middle of this m……


Tournament Comes to San Patricio FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

In addition, 18 new green cards Irish players available on envelopes.
EA Sports has announced another year, the Tournament of San Patricio (national holiday in the Republic of Ireland) in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. This tournament will be available from today until March 18, and only able to play with a team of 18 Irish players. As a reward for winning the tournament players online will get 20,000 coins and 10,000 in offline mode, plus a……


FIFA 15 Patch leads a price range in FUT mode

A new update for FIFA 15 improved, inter alia, the "Check Rates" functionality in FIFA Ultimate Team. There are also improvements to the game stability.
FIFA 15 has received a new update on last Monday, March 9, 2015. The now fourth patch for the football simulation is available for the platforms PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and 4 and Playsation brings several improvements, which are particularly relevant to the online game modes.
Among other things, about some stability improvements ……


Guide of Getting Started with FIFA Ultimate Team

To start a new career in FIFA Ultimate Team can cause nasty head itching. Bronze Players constitute the major part of the team since the start package consisting mostly of players from this layer. With a squad almost exclusively composed of semi-skimmed dude, it seems somewhat impossible to ever get together a sensible law. In this article we will show you some simple tricks on how to change this and get started. And not least - to show how little it takes to create a pretty decent squad and the……


8 MONSTROUS goals that you put EVER FIFA 15

You thought to amazing goals in Fifa 15? Wait a minute ... FINALLY Electronic Arts has unveiled its new video which gathers the best goals scored last week by the users of FIFA 15.

Lunar volley, goal-heel, whim, there's something for everyone! What quietly wait until Chelsea-PSG rematch March 11, to be held at Stamford Bridge.
Press play and discover this magical compilation, beside which, we warn you, you will feel very bad. Try again.


Orange card John Terry is already available in FUT 15

A few hours ago in Ultimate Tem sets became available orange card captain London Chelsea - John Terry.
This title has been awarded the legendary defender after his fine play in the final match of the League Cup, where rival wards Mourinho was Tottenham. Captain "aristocrats" confidently acted in defense and managed to score a goal in the 45th minute, which discouraged "spurs" so that they eventually scored an own goal another goal after 11 minutes. Outcome of the meeting 2-0 and "Special one" w……


FIFA 15 The 10 most absurd plays football simulator

We compilation of some of the most absurd and hilarious plays FIFA 15 that will get you partáis make laughter.
We've all ever thrown a party to FIFA. And there anyone stopped to spend a couple of hours a soccer game from Electronic Arts is aware that is not a title that is free of bugs and errors that make some of the plays in real absurdities that cause catastrophic situations and really absurd close to the ridiculous. And to check some of the best players in the world make some blunders as th……


FIFA 15 The return of the best goals of the week

The guys at EA Sports decided to start the week of good form and we presented a new video with the best goals scored in FIFA 15 during the course of the week.
In this new clip for FIFA 15, the latest football simulation EA Sports, we see a new batch of plays performed by users in their games online, the pace of Border Crossing.
Unlike previous videos that overuse of dribbling and feints were seen as a sequel FIFA 15 FIFA Street, this time we can see a lot of middle-distance shots and volleys.


FIFA 15 New Level for Ultimate Team Player Skill Upgrades

After the recent seasons repeatedly calls from FIFA UT players were, in addition to the winter upgrades for the players strength and improvements in the skill points to perform, EA Sports has finally adapting the skill strengths for FIFA 15 players carried out.
FIFA 15: Skill upgrades in UT
The skill change will certainly have an impact on the prices of the players, after all, especially 5-star Skiller at Ultimate Team players a welcome part of the first team. EA Sports has released a full p……

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