How To Play Sic Bo?

There are many types of online gambling games popular in different parts of the world. One of the top-rated games ไฮโล was originated in China. It is a dice game and known by many different names in the other parts of the world. The simple rules and strategies have made this game extremely popular among youngsters and casino game lovers. Let’s know more about this fun and exciting game in detail.

Roll the dice

There are very few dice games available in the casino. The dice games are more straightforward, and it refreshes the mind of the players. This fun and refreshing game involve the use of three dice. The player has to roll the dice. Shaking the die by the dealer is an exciting part of the game.

Claim the combination

The dealer then needs to claim the combination that will be obtained after rolling the dice. The dealer shakes the die until the player claims the combination. There are small strategies, patterns, and tips that can be followed to get the right mix. Such free tips and guides are available on the website. Such tips work and increase the chances of winning. Apart from this, these games are more of a chance game. One has to look for the best probability to identify the combination.

Reveal the right combination

The suspense of the game ends when the dealer reveals the obtained combination. If the contained combination matches with the claimed combination made by the player, then he is the winner. This simple game is a lot of fun during group plays and during leisure time. You can enjoy many free chances available and offer at many casino sites.

Different types of rewards

The winning reward received after claiming the right combinations varies accordingly. Some sites offer more free plays, some offer bonuses, while at many sites cash claims are also available over the Sic Bo to win.

Different Types Of Sic Bo

With the increasing popularity of the game, many versions of this game are available nowadays. Let’s look at some of the most popular game types.

Seven-up seven down

Iy is one of the most common and basic dice game. This game was started with the single rolling dice and now has taken various other forms. This is played in different other ranges too. The Sic Bo is usually played in the scope of the 4-10 and 11-17.

Odd number play

The player has to claim whether the sum of the number obtained will be an odd number or not. Usually, the game is a pure luck factor, but sometimes small predictions with the help of the patterns and probability can be made. The chances of winning are 1:1.

Specific number game

Here, the player has to claim on the occurrence of a specific number. If that unique number comes on all three dice, then the player will win the game. The number on all three dice can be different as well as the same. There are significantly fewer chances of winning this claim, but the rewards are higher.